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The Authority issues RFP (AER 07/2016) for Metering Audit.        The Authority publishes the 2015 Annual Report.        The Authority issues RFP (AER 04/2016) Economic Support for Price Control Reviews of 4 Distribution & Supply Companies and Rural Areas Electricity Company.        

 Welcome to the Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman 

The Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman ("the Authority") is the Authority established by Article (19) of the law for the regulation and privatisation of the electricity and related water sector (”the Sector Law"). The Sector Law was promulgated by Royal Decree 78/2004 on 1st August 2004.

The Authority is competent to regulate the electricity and related water sector pursuant to Article (2) of the Sector Law. The Government has determined that, pursuant to Article (40) of the Sector Law, the Authority shall have three Members.


  • January 2014:
    The Authority, PassiveSystems and the Energy Insitute of University College London will conduct a one-hour session to present the results of a scoping study of residential energy use in Oman, at WFES in the Project & Finance Village on 22 January at 12:15.

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