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27 February 2013:

Authority launches health and safety campaign for schoolchildren

The Authority announces launch of a new health and safety campaign aimed at schoolchildren to be hosted at the Children's Museum at Al-Sarooj museum during March. The focus of the campaign is to raise children’s awareness of the dangers of using electrical items in the home and when playing near electrical installations outside of the home.

The campaign is targeted at children between the ages of 6 and 12 and will use games and applications to deliver guidance and messages in a fun and positive way. On arrival at the museum, children will be greeted by actors playing Omar and Alya two campaign characters who will guide children around the museum and interact with them during games and activities. All participating children will receive materials (tee shirts, photos, a brochure and group photographs) they can take home to remind them of the experience and share the campaign messages with family and friends.

The campaign is funded from fines imposed on electricity companies for health and safety failings: the Authority thought it appropriate to use money collected from fines to raise awareness of health and safety issues – particularly for children.

The Authority’s campaign has been coordinated with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture (who helped to secure use of the Museum) and the Ministry of Education (who helped facilitate coordination with participating schools).

Launching the campaign, the Authority’s Amal Al Zadjali, said:

“This important campaign is aimed at protecting children by raising awareness of electricity related risks in the home and outside. While the campaign messages are serious, the campaign is designed to be a fun and educational experience for the children. We hope each child will take what they learn home with them and share their experience and messages with their brothers and sisters, friends and parents!

“The Muscat campaign is the start of what we hope will be a nationwide campaign – the Authority is keen to raise awareness of electrical safety and safeguard children in all parts of the Sultanate. A dedicated team, including a retired teacher, will help deliver the campaign and ensure all participating children enjoy the interactive experience in a safe and secure environment.

“We are very excited about this campaign as nothing can be more important than safeguarding and protecting our precious children from harm, including electricity related risks.

“The campaign will be conducted throughout March with the participation of 1,000 children from 67 schools”.