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Customer Complaints Handling Procedure

The Complaints Handling Procedure ‘the Procedure' has been approved by the Authority and implemented by licensed suppliers.

When you make your initial complaint, ask for a copy of your supplier's 'complaint handling procedures'. All electricity suppliers have clear procedures approved by the Authority for dealing with complaints. These procedures will help you to know how your compliant will be handled and whether your complaint is being handled effectively.




When making a complaint you are advised to:

Call your supplier and find out who you should address your complaint to.
Ensure you explain the problem fully in your letter including key dates and times of incidents.
Enclose copies of evidence that support your complaint, such as receipts, photos, letters and bills. Make copies of any documents you send to your supplier - don't send originals.
Take meter readings, particularly if your complaint concerns your billing, or supply, or if you are moving home. Make a note of the date the readings were taken.
Make notes of who you have spoken, or written to, and when, so that you can refer back to them.
Keep copies of correspondence sent to you by your supplier so that you can refer back to them.
Include the date, your name, address and account number in your letter, so that your supplier can respond to you.
Include a telephone number, if possible, so that your supplier can contact you for further information if required.